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MIPCOM Hot Pick: Locked

Locked is a physical game show in which two contestants work together to navigate their way through a huge maze of five concentric circles, each larger than the last, and each containing an increasing number of locked doors.

Aired first on Endemol-backed broadcaster Reshet in Israel, it has been a big ratings success, says Lisa Perrin, CEO, creative networks, Endemol Shine Group. “There were ten episodes and it averaged 35.7% share in what was a difficult summer slot.”

Each circle in Locked represents the next round in the game, and there are 45 locked doors in total across the five rounds. Starting at the centre of the maze, contestants must unlock doors with their keys, but each key can only be used once.

Run out of keys, and the players are trapped, and it’s game over. Different doors offer money, extra keys and access to the next circle. “Contestants always go in as pairs,” says Perrin, “so it creates an emotional attachment and different opinions.”

The show was produced in the Netherlands, with Israeli contestants flown in. “We are setting it up as a hub show,” says Perrin. “We have a lot of experience with hubs, which allow broadcasters to get a big, impressive set and show without having to make a huge investment in the format.”

According to Perrin, the Locked format is very scalable – so it can be aired in either primetime or access primetime. “I think successful gameshow formats need that versatility,” she says.

In terms of its potential, she adds: “I think it can go a long way. I did a tour of all our operational companies recently and they felt the gameshow is coming back.”

The show: Locked

The producer: Endemol Shine, Park Lane Productions

The distributor: Endemol Shine Group

The broadcaster: Reshet (Israel)

The concept: A physical gameshow in which contestants win prizes if they can escape from a concentric circle maze