Show of the Week

Show of the week: All Together Now

All Together Now is the latest BBC Saturday night talent format, with the USP being it brings together the urgency and storytelling of singing competitions such as The Voice and the spectacle and collaboration of choral shows such as The Choir. “The starting point for development was identifying that there’s something in the air around […]

Show of the week: Buying Blind

Buying Blind is a “classic Red Arrow format in that it’s a noisy, must-see primetime show that over-delivers for its budget and can carry a schedule”, says Harry Gamsu. Red Arrow International’s VP of non-scripted has been pushing the format since before MIPCOM, where the reaction was decidedly positive. The series continues in the Red […]

Show of the week: Porus

Porus is one of those series that genuinely offers the international drama market something different. The series, which believed to be the most expensive India has ever created, is fully produced and owned by an Indian company, One Life Studios, runs to length, and follows a story based on fact from the country’s distant past. […]

Show of the week: Welcome to the Wayne

Welcome to the Wayne debuted on the Nick linear channel in the US in June. The property had existed for three years before that, however, first debuting as a web series on in 2014. “The property is a great example of an authentic transmedia property, packed with action, adventure and otherworldly awesomeness,” says Viacom […]

Show of the Week: Open Call

Launched at this year’s MIPCOM, the prime time singing competition attempts to hold on to the excitement of a contest show by creating three major dramatic moments during auditions. Each hopeful singer first uploads a 60-second homemade video to the show’s website or app where users will vote for their favorite contestants. The most popular […]

Show of the week: Domination

This new gameshow sees contestants take on the nation. Domination maps out the knowledge of 50 different groups from across the country, from professors to vegans, Justin Bieber fans to cab drivers. “Domination is a scalable game show that enables the whole country to get involved and play along,” says Keren Shahar, COO and distribution […]

Show of the week: The City and the City

Writer Tony Grisoni on his approach to adapting China Miéville’s ‘weird fiction’-meets-detective noir novel The City and the City for BBC Two China Miéville’s 2009 novel The City and the City takes some effort to comeprehend. The premise is that it follows a European city-state, Bezsel, housing two cities that occupy the same geographical space, […]

Show of the week: The Toughest Job in the Universe

The Toughest Job in the Universe (WT) aims to take reality competition television into space. The show is the result of a collaboration of UK network BBC Two, BBC commercial wing BBC Worldwide (BBCWW) and BBC Science, the latter of which had initially dreamt up the concept. Over six intense and intensive weeks, contestants attempt […]

Show of the Week: Japandemonium

British broadcasters have long had an obsession with Japanese gameshow TV. Just this month Comedy Central announced it was taking new Thailand-shot episodes of the iconic series Takeshi’s Castle, so it’s no surprise terrestrial broadcaster ITV has commissioned Japandemonium. UK indie Zig Zag Productions is producing the series, which collates the best and funniest clips […]

Show of the Week: Black Tulip

Black Tulip has a number of unique selling points, as Pim van Collem, president and CEO of its distributor, Dutch Features, notes. “This is a suspenseful drama with lots of romantic elements intertwined,” says van Collem. “It comes from the biggest Dutch producer, NL Film and TV, which is known for its crime series Penoza, […]